New music from Jennifer Pena in May?

On April 1, 2021, Jennifer Pena, the Tejano-turned-Latin pop star who dropped out of the limelight in the late 2000s, dropped two major hints on her social media platforms that she may be returning to music after a much long absence. First, she posted an Instagram photo of herself in a recording studio after six years, she said.

Then, on the same day, an even stronger hint came on Jennifer Pena’s TikTok from her and husband and fellow Latin pop star Obie Bermudez as the two drove around and talked about what they did “not” do that day. Joking, the two talked about recording a song that could possibly come out in May.

Check out the posts for yourself and see what you think. I personally would love if Jennifer Pena returned to Latin music as she was one of my favorite artists and has an incredible voice.

Check out Tejano Beat’s Facebook page for more tidbits and past Tejano Beat memories with Jennifer Pena!

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