Jaime De Anda moves forward with JDA

Check out TejanoNation’s exclusive, in-depth interview with legendary Tejano music vocalist/accordionist Jaime de Anda.

The trendsetting accordion pioneer talks openly with us about the break-up late last year of the longtime Jaime y Los Chamacos who were together for more than three decades.

“It’s hard to say (what I feel) because we’d been together for so long…” de Anda said. “You fight with your brother and sister and you’re still there with them and you’re thinking that could never stop.”

“It’s hard to believe, myself,” he said. “To think that after so many years that I was going to be doing something really different like this and going on my own. And of course, the separation of the name that’s been with me for so long.”

De Anda couldn’t discuss specifics due to ongoing litigation but basically said that in the end: “I felt like it wasn’t my band anymore.”

He addresses the fans directly, his former band mates, and how difficult the days following the breakup were for him personally, but how with help from his wife and close friends, he was able to accept his new solo career. He then held a talent search style audition for new band members and is now moving forward as JDA. Visit his new site at: http://jaimedeanda1979.com/ .

“I think the new venture is exciting,” de Anda said. “The first part was really scary, of course, because we didn’t know what direction we were going to take or what the next step was.”

View the entire interview for more.

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