Paulina Rubio kicks up heels Sunday in SA

She took the stage one hour after the advertised start time, but all was forgotten when Latin pop queen Paulina Rubio emerged.

Rubio’s high-energy concert at San Antonio’s Aztec Theater on Sept. 22 kept fans on their feet for the more than 90-minute-long show where she sang all of her hits, shared new music and showed she still has the stamina to keep fans in a frenzy.

Rubio, with her trademark long, dirty-blonde mane of wild curls and her even longer legs, looked fit as she kicked her heels up, literally, and danced around the stage with her two back-up dancers and grooved with her band members.

Arriving in a glittery, gold hoodie, later in a black blazer with bold, gold embroidered accents, and lastly, in a slinky silver mini dress that couldn’t be shorter, Rubio, 48, didn’t act her age and the crowd went wild right along with the blonde beauty.

Her signature raspy, passionate voice sounded strong as it rang out amid the crowd in the Aztec and she sang her pop-rock hits, including “Y Yo Sigo Aqui,” “Yo No Soy Esa Mujer,” and even “oldies” like “Enamorada.” Rubio donned a glitzy, black cowgirl-style hat for her rancheras like “El Ultimo Adios” and “Dame Otro Tequila.” She sang her popular hit, “Si Tu Te Vas,” in English, which threw me off, even though I don’t speak Spanish well, as I have the Spanish lyrics memorized. At one point toward the show’s finale, Paulina threw her lithe body, in dramatic fashion, down onto the stage as if she had collapsed with exhaustion, but in seconds, she was up again and jumping around to the beat.

Rubio addressed the crowd in English and Spanish, and at one point, shared her distaste for passports and her thoughts about borders, saying the only borders that exist are in our minds. That’s as political as Paulina got as the night was about her music.

The concert ended with double blasts of red-and-white confetti hearts and strips blown from cannon-like blasters at each end of the stage and with large, white balloons stamped with “DESEO” floating around the audience, in honor of her tour’s name. As she triumphantly stomped off stage, Paulina proved: she’s still got it.

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