TejanoBeat is back? Or is it?

TejanoBeat.com was a blog I ran back in 2007 to about 2012 – circa mid 2000’s – and my team and I loved bringing fans/viewers/followers the best footage, interviews, photos and news on the Tejano/Latino music scene.

Since about six months ago, after encouragement from a friend/mentor, I was prompted to bring the site back up. However, the starts and stops have caused frustration, I’m sure, because as a blog, news site and online reader myself, I want constant, consistent updates with exclusives and news that I can’t find anywhere else. I want those details only I can get and strive to get for my readers.

NKOTB pays tribute to La Reina Selena’s “second home” of San Antonio, TX at the AT&T Center during May 16, 2019 Mixed Tape Tour.

First, the music scene has changed. Take the removal of KXTN, SA’s FM Tejano radio station from the airwaves last month! Also, my team has moved on to other ventures and followed where life has taken them! And, as for myself, I’ve fallen on hard times, too, financially and otherwise that have kept me from focusing on what I want to do and rather on what I need to do. But I’ve been thinking hard about this lately and I have decided to commit myself to bringing TejanoBeat.com back. I’ve said it before but hold me to it, fans and followers who have stuck by me!

Needless to say, many things have changed since TejanoBeat.com was a thriving blog (often featured prominently on the San Antonio Express-News’ MySA.com) and uploading exciting, often unintentionally funny videos to YouTube, and featuring the photos of a talented photographer by the name of Albert Villegas.)

Flaco and I pose with my article about him, “Flaco Jimenez: Global Ambassador of the Accordion.”

I’ve met with various artists recently, attended local festivals like the San Antonio Conjunto Fest, put on passionately by the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, and listened to music at concerts, that is not Tejano-related, but brought me back to the realization that music makes me happy. So does music, local and celebrity news and writing, of course.

What I’m trying to say is hold me to my word and demand that I work again to bring you exclusives, the top photos, video and writing, and while the focus of TejanoBeat may be more San Antonio-centric and also may broaden to include non-Tejano celebrities and events, help keep me motivated and let’s see what can happen.

Back soon with more. For now, visit my TejanoBeat Facebook page for updates: https://www.facebook.com/tejanobeat

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